A video can showcase your products and services, create invaluable dedicated training material, and bring the human side of your business to your clients – what’s not to like?

Are you having a re-brand? 

Creating dynamic video content to match your new online and print presence is an essential.  Working with your marketing team or marketing company of choice, we can create promotional material, website videos and in house training or recruitment videos to suit your needs.

Putting on an event?

Do you have a company event coming up that you would like to document for internal use, social media or your next advertising campaign?  A highlight reel of your event provides a concise and engaging short video that can be shared with colleagues or used for promotional purposes, with a longer cut for in-house use.  This is a great way of conserving important speeches or innovative presentations to look back on, whilst keeping a short edit for your web and social media streams.

Want new website and social media content?

There are a hundred different ways that a video can bring your brand to life online, show off your products and skills, and show the human element to your business:

Creating a new training video?

Company-specific training videos can be tailor-made to ensure that your employees are working safely and at the top of their game, and improve efficiency of learning by targeting the areas your company needs.  Specific demonstrations and instructions using your firm’s equipment ensures maximum efficacy when training new recruits, or training your current workforce on a new piece of machinery.

More of a product lead business?  Boost your online presence with product demo videos for your YouTube channel and real customer/client talking heads review videos.

Constantly updating your portfolio?

Perfect for property developers, estate agents and refuters, we can provide architectural videos of established and new sites, completed projects, or document a project as it develops.  We have experience across all sectors, with an emphasis on pharmaceutical, industrial, education and creative.  Including aerial video of your site, event or project gives a real sense of scale to your work.  Incorporating a time lapse section into a corresponding video can show your clients a major transformation in a project, large or small, and add a different dimension when side-by-side with your promotional photographs.

Staging a theatre or dance show?

Filming your event can provide an additional source of revenue after the event in DVD sales, essential feedback for your performers, and highlight reels made from the footage creates excellent promotional material for your current and future runs.

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