Promote your services and products to potential clients, create a cohesive team atmosphere with funky headshots to display, keep ahead of the game with updated shots for your website and social media campaigns…an image is worth a thousand words. 


Are you having a re-brand?

Hard hat in building site

Creating photo content to match your new image and online presence is an essential.  Working with your marketing team or marketing company of choice, we can provide photographs for promotional material, website photography and your social media campaign.  Introduce your company’s services in a high impact format using ‘before and after’ shots in your promotional material.  This directly shows your clients the benefits of using your business, as well as providing motivational material for your staff.  Key creative photographs that sum up your brand in a concise and inventive way are ideal for capturing your clients’ imaginations. 

Putting on an event?

Event photography

Do you have a company event coming up that you would like to document for internal use, social media or your next advertising campaign?  Or perhaps you would like to impress your guests with a photograph service on the night?  We can provide a documentary photography service, a full backdrop service with props, or a bit of both.  Our backdrop service includes the option for your guests to choose and have their favourite photographs printed and mounted while they wait.

Need some headshots or office photos?


Do your staff photos need updating?  Whether you prefer traditional, relaxed, candid or location headshots, we can provide solutions for one person up to several hundred a day.  Having a merger or large staff uptake?  We can set up backdrops in your office and shoot over several days.  All headshots can be provided digitally, in print, or both.  Why not include some office shots too?  These can be used for web, advertising and social media.

Creating a new brochure or training manual?

School and sixth form brochure photography

Need a new brochure for your school, college and university?  Using bespoke imagery to highlight your facilities, subjects and extra-curricular activities can set you apart from your competitors.  Our school photographers are DBS checked and hold current enhanced certificates that are available on request; references from previous clients in the education sector are also available.

Company-specific training manuals can be tailor-made with your own photographs to ensure that your employees are working safely and at the top of their game, and improve efficiency of learning by targeting the areas your company needs.

Want new website and social media content?

Creative lifestyle images for your brochure

Are you a product driven business?  Improve your web sales with coordinated photographs across all your merchandise.  Create a new glossy brochure with creative shots of your products, as well as traditional product shots, and incorporate some lifestyle shots that match your brand to further enhance your brochure.

More of a services-lead business? Before and after shots and videos are a fantastic way to demonstrate the benefit of your services, especially when combined with a talking heads-style video review from your customers for each of the related projects.

Social media gurus swear by non work-related photographs of your team in their work environment, at lunch or off duty in order to create a human connection with your customers, and can be combined with footage of a company event for even greater impact.

Staging a theatre or dance show?


If you are staging a theatre or dance show, photographing your event creates excellent advertising material.  Book us for your dress rehearsal and you can use your photographs to further boost your ticket sales, promote your website, and boost social media shares.

Constantly updating your portfolio?


Perfect for property developers, estate agents and re-fitters, we can provide architectural photographs of established and new sites, completed projects, or document a project as it develops.  We have experience across all sectors, with an emphasis on pharmaceutical, industrial, education and creative.  Including aerial photographs of your site, event or project gives a real sense of scale to your work.  Incorporating a time lapse section into a corresponding video can show your clients a major transformation in a project, large or small, and add a different dimension when side-by-side with your promotional photographs.

Run a nursery or baby/toddler class?

Baby and nursery class photography

We can provide a full backdrop photography service for your little ones, with either a view and print service onsite (suitable for baby classes) or a send home and choose service (suitable for nurseries).  Our children’s photographers are DBS checked and hold current enhanced certificates that are available on request; references from previous clients (both baby and toddler classes and nurseries) are available on request.